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The One Where Matthew & Matt Do A Awkward Hug Over A Lame Cool Guy Handshake

There’s nothing more intimate in life than simply being understood. And understanding someone else.
Brad Meltzer, The Inner Circle (via maybeicangrow)

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Nicholas Petricca performing at The Echo 10.15.14

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the rest of the world was black & white, but we were in screaming color

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All these widows and orphans, but what do you call someone who lost a child? You’d think someone would have given that a name.

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Julian Morris, New Girl.


It seems like so many people are meeting wtm on the SUAT and it is getting me so pumped for when I get to see them


Bless the elotera lady for hustling in this heat 🙌🙏 🌽

Oh, I brought cannoli!

Im still here

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